March 2012

Pizza making

One thing is clear, treatment people love pizza. They all have their favorite too! There’s no telling anyone who has the best. What makes a great pizza? First, cure it begins with the dough. Too many people think the dough is dependent upon the water, the location, etc. I’m here to tell you its the artisan. Pies are baked. Dough making requires that mindset. The key is to produce a dough that will have crunch, be chewy, and have a lightness and taste to bring you back for more.

Second, the ingredients must be simple and high quality. The best tomatoes and the best cheese count. Too many pizzerias are guilty of poor quality and “doctoring” their ingredients for taste. A lot of sugar in the sauce, blend a few cheeses to mask low quality ingredients…it all happens.

Pizza Luca is here to change the game. Were the only pizza catering truck to bring the authentic pizza Napoletana to the tri-state area. What does this mean? A delicious pizza with unforgettable taste…crafted the way it originated in Naples, Italy. Only the finest ingredients are imported from the birthplace of pizza – the Campania region. We use double 00 flour, buffalo milk mozzarella, San Marzano tomatoes from Nocerino-Sarnese, extra-virgin olive oil and hand harvested sea salt from Trapani, Sicily.

You’ll have to come see us to experience the taste! One of our customers said, “Your pizza has changed my life.”

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Pizza Napoletana Margherita.

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