July 2014

Patsy Grimaldi @ Julianas

patsy_grimaldiI had a meeting at the Brooklyn Bridge Pier. It went well, viagra but it was a major event for Levis and my whole team started to stress about the event a week away. We headed out to grab a drink after a 2 hour meeting. At first we spied the long lines at Grimaldi’s and Juliana’s and opted for the bar just short of the pizzerias. We sat down for 2 minutes and didn’t feel the vibe, see so we headed back out past the pizzerias. Passing Juliana’s we were chatting about details and a tall, older man comes out of the door and says “Hi guys, I’m Patsy Grimaldi, would you like a table?” I looked left at the massive line and after speedy debate and jokes with my crew, we accepted, of course. Feeling like rock stars, Patsy ushered us in and instructed his staff to get a table ready. He came back and I asked about his story… We talked about my Neapolitan pizza business and the wood fired-ovens on ’52 Chevrolet trucks. I told him all about our pizza catering from the Hamptons to Connecticut and he said  “I started this…” I thought he meant the coal oven pizza business…so I responded, “no doubt you did.” He reflected for a moment about selling the business and how all the Grimaldi’s outposts had mixed reviews.

We ordered a Margherita and dove right in. The pizza had balance. The crust was well cooked but still light. I have to say I enjoyed it…not easily stated, being in the business and so critical of all the pizza I eat. We also enjoyed a bottled of Nebbiolo and Patsy sat down with us, being the gracious host he is, and offered coffee or more wine on the house. He is always asking, “How was the pizza?” Clearly a pro at hospitality, Patsy is a classic man. I told him I would stop

margheritaPatsyby with my truck one day…he said, “just don’t sell in front of my shop!” we laughed and were on our way..